The Taylor GT is a super comfortable 7/8th inch scale length guitar that sounds just like a full size acoustic! If you're a fan of Taylor's GS mini (which measures at 3/4th inch scale length), like I am, I'm sure that this guitar will impress you. The size makes it feel very comfortable, both the body and the neck - it's effortless to play. 

Another cool feature of Taylor's GT is that it is all solid wood! It features a solid spruce top and urban ash back and sides, which it give it a warm, yet crisp and clear tone. If you're into tone woods, you'll appreciate the sound of this guitar - and how much you can hear from it despite it being a smaller guitar! 

Aside from that, it features C-class bracing, which is a kind of bracing unique to this guitar's dimension, giving it a more even projection and resonance.

Whether you're strumming or fingering picking, I notice that this guitar picks up dynamics very well and is welcoming to both of these approaches.

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