The Danelectro 3699 fuzz is a monster of a fuzz pedal. It a modern remake of the Foxx Tone Machine, except with a smaller footprint and a lot less velvet.

The 3699 can pretty much satisfy all of your fuzz needs, with a footswitch-able octave as well as a toggle for mid-scooped or mid-boosted. With all of these controls the 3699 fuzz is perfect for doomers and blues lawyers alike. 

Personally I like this pedal for a wall of thick octave fuzz with the gain control maxed, the tone around 11 o'clock, octave on, and mid boost on. If the Superfuzz style pedals are the king of octave-fuzz, the 3699 is the god of octave fuzz.


- Zak from Deadbug Circuits and Small Box Music