The Rivolta Regata VII is by far my favorite guitar we have in the shop, perhaps even my favorite piece of gear that's in the shop, and I say that as a bass player, so let me tell you why. first off, the guitar has 24 frets, which is an absolute must have for me and the spacing just feels absolutely perfect in my fingers, chording, lead guitar, it all just feels absolutely effortless.

The ES-335 is my second favorite guitar of all time and I absolutely adore semi-hollow body guitars, but the Rivolta Regata VII just feels special, aesthetically I like the slightly offset design the guitar has and in general it gives a very comfortable playing experience that just keeps me going back to it. Personally, I play really hard when I play guitar (I’ll usually go through a pack of strings in a month and a half) but this thing just does not go out of tune, even without locking tuners. 

When this guitar first arrived at our shop, I skipped my last class of the day and rushed right over to give it a try and it did not disappoint, tonally, this thing is incredible. I've tried this guitar on every single amp we have in the shop, and it sounds good with all of them, clean tones, dirty tones, distortion, overdrive, octave pedals, even through a synth pedal this thing sounds dreamy (in particular in the demo I ran this through a Friedman Small Box, and it sounds amazing).

The pickups are fantastic as well and handle pretty much any context of music you could look for, looking for some screaming leads for some thrash? the bridge pickup has got you, looking for some nice warm jazz tones? the neck pickup will be your best friend. Looking to tap your way through some math-rocky midwest emo? the 24 frets and warm jangly tone you can get in the middle position is just what you're looking for.

Either way, if you like this guitar, I’d suggest you come pick her up, because otherwise I might have to sweep it out from under your nose.