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Pigtronix SPL2 Infinity 2 Looper Pedal

Pigtronix SPL2 Infinity 2 Looper Pedal


Infinity 2 is a hi-fi stereo double looper designed to be the ultimate writing, arranging and performing tool. It can be utilized as a double looper to record and perform sequential parts, or as a standard looper on the right footswitch while assigning one of five selectable modes to the left footswitch. As a double looper, Infinity 2 enables musicians to seamlessly switch between loops, even during initial recording or while overdubbing. As a standard looper plus assignable effects, Infinity 2 becomes an ambient dream machine.


  • Volume: Sets the volume of looped audio.
  • Decay: Sets the time it takes for loops to fade away during overdub.
  • Stop: Press once to stop at the loop boundary. Press twice to stop immediately. Press and hold to fade.
  • Once: Press once for one more playback. Press repeatedly for stutter. Press and hold to play through.
  • Octave: Toggles the sample rate between 48kHz and 24kHz.
  • Undo: Removes the most recent overdub layer. Tap again to bring it back.


  • Voltage: 9v DC
  • Current Draw: 100mA
  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.6" x 1.3"
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs. 

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