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Pigtronix Space Rip Synth Pedal


The Pigtronix Space Rip is an analog guitar synthesizer featuring pulse width modulated (PWM) sawtooth and square wave voices in multiple octaves with zero-latency pitch and dynamics tracking. It sounds like tearing the fabric of spacetime in half. 

Pulse width of the square and sawtooth waveforms produced by the onboard VCO is kept in a state of flux, generating constant harmonic motion controlled by the Rate knob. The Sub knob adds an additional voice one octave down from the input signal, while the Octave switch drops the entire synth down an additional octave, producing a devastating amount of pure analog synth bass. 

  • True Bypass
  • Votage: 9VDC
  • Draw: 100 mA
  • Input Impedance: 2.2M
  • Output Impedance: 150Ω
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 3.75" x 1.75"

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