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JHS The Rarest of All Illustrated Book


Join the Unicorn on its journey through a strange and mythical land of gear and folklore as he searches for his own worth and true meaning.  There are encounters with some of the most rare, famed, and iconic pieces of musical gear known throughout the land of electric guitar...but who will stand as the Rarest of All?

The world of guitar is an amazing place to call home, and I don’t take lightly all the great companies, visionaries, and risk takers that have gone before us here at JHS Pedals.  As a kid learning an instrument that is now a part of my everyday life, there was always a guitar, an amp, or a pedal that I would give anything to have because it was the next level.  It was the thing to reach for. Now that I am older, I know that there is and always will be that piece of gear to look at from a distance, to admire, and just maybe, by a stroke of providence, to one day own.  To all the names mentioned in this book, I consider you the cream of the crop.  If anything I do in my career achieves recognition or appreciation, it is most likely because we at JHS Pedals are standing on the shoulders of giants that we owe our deepest thanks.  So with that, thank you for making this world a better place with your amazing creations.  – Josh H. Scott

A book by Josh & Alice Scott, Illustrated by Nicholas Loux & Phillip Ortiz.

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