Snurf Drums are a relatively new offering on the market for players interested in custom, locally-built drums. The drum builder and mastermind behind Snurf Drums is Eric Halka, a long-time player in the Northwest Ohio music scene. After over 18 years of studio work, live performances, and woodworking, he decided to join his two hobbies and start building drums. The result is a wonderful combination of both form and function. Snurf Drums look and sound great; and they are built to withstand the rigors of the road. Halka's approach to building drums is more of a personal, artist passion, rather than simply a manufacturing process. A great deal of attention is spent on each drum, not only showcasing the natural beauty of the wood, but also the tonal and practical qualities of the drum itself. In his own words, Halka strives to build drums that "any drummer would love to own." 
Snurf Drums is all about building custom, one-of-a-kind drums. While we have some in stock at Small Box Music that you can try out and take home, the real fun comes from getting one made just for you. If you are interested in having them create your dream drum, please Contact Us, and we would be more than happy to facilitate the process and answer any questions you may have. 
All Snurf Drums are Built in Millbury, OH - USA
We recently had Eric Halka and Justin Tullius in store to talk about and demonstrate Snurf Drums. Check it out...
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