Deadbug Circuits is a handmade, local pedal company based in Northwood, Ohio. In this video, we get to hear about Deadbug Circuits from creator/builder Zak and some sounds from "The Maumet" pedal are explored by Cam.

Meet the man behind the operation, Zak Sherman, and hear him talk about how Deadbug came about and what makes "The Maumet" pedal unique.

Also, enjoy some info and pictures that showcase his building process! Cam demos some sounds of this pedal with a Custom-built by Bailee and Jim Wolfe Telecaster into a clean Blackstar HT Club 40, captured by a Sennheiser e609 mic into Logic Pro with no editing, all tone!

Check out more from Deadbug Circuits at or try them out in person at Small Box Music at 203 Conant St. Maumee, OH - 419-740-3434