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ZVEX Vexter Super Seeker Wah

$279.20 $349.00

The Super Seek Wah is a hugely expanded 16 step version of ZVEX's original Seek Wah II sequencer pedal. This pedal is a combination of a tremolo pedal and a wah wah pedal. It acts much like an analog sequencer controlling a mellow band pass filter, similar to what you would find on a 70s synth. With maximum versatility and tone shaping abilities this pedal should fit your unique modulating needs!

New Features Include:

  • MIDI sync
  • Tap tempo control and sync
  • Expression pedal control of speed or glissando
  • Individual step glissando
  • 8 user programmable memory locations
  • Delta speed control


  • SPEED CONTROL: There are four different ways to control tempo. The “speed” knob, the “tap/hold button”, MIDI clock input (from a computer or other MIDI device), and the expression pedal input (a 1/4” standard TRS synth-type expression pedal). You’ll see quickly that adjusting the speed control overrides the previous tap tempo setting, tapping then overrides the previous speed control setting, and MIDI overrides all. 
  • TAP TEMPO: Tap Tempo has become a fairly common way to manually enter tempos into time based pedals like delays, tremolos, etc. The Super Seek Wah powers up in Tap Tempo mode. Tap Tempo captures and uses the time between your last 2 taps as a foundational pulse. From there, you turn the “tap div/delta” knob normally (without pushing) to select how many steps the sequencer travels in between tap pulses.
  • DELTA CONTROL: When the “tap div/delta” knob is held down and turned, it adjusts the delta rate. This controls the rate of change when the pedal is speeding up or slowing down. Selecting the little arrow pointing left on the mini toggle switch causes the tempo to decelerate when you step on the “tap/hold” button. When you release that button, the speed snaps back to the original tempo. If you choose the little arrow pointing right then press and hold the “tap/hold” button, it speeds up until you let go of the “tap/hold” button. Then it again snaps back to the original tempo.
  • INTERNAL CONTROLS: Inside the pedal you’ll find a trim pot for changing the global Q setting (frequency sweep from top to bottom) of the wah. The pot is set here at the shop for maximum range.
  • THE GLISSANDO: There’s a knob on the upper right labeled “gliss” which globally adjusts all glissando rates between steps to the same value. It’s labeled differently from the “groove” switch to remind you that it adjusts all of them at once, so it’s not quite as “groovy.” ADJUST THIS ONE FIRST. If you adjust the individual groove settings and then try to adjust the global glissando setting, it will erase all of the groove settings and every step will follow the global glissando control alone.

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