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ZVEX Vexter Super Hard On

ZVEX Vexter Super Hard On


ZVEX Effects - The Original Boutique Pedal company - has created another masterpiece with the Super Hard On (SHO), a powerful and very transparent boost that is designed to take your input signal from unity gain to more than an 8-volt peak while retaining high-end clarity.

The SHO also breathes new life into older pickups that, over time, have become weaker and lost some of their output and sizzle, making them sound factory fresh once again. Its extreme output easily drives your amplifier into a rich and natural overload. It features two output sections that provide players with the opportunity to boost their amplifier as well as to overcharge their pedal chain simultaneously.

The SHO is a practical tool for guitar and bass players alike and should find its way onto every pedalboard.

With identical parts to the handpainted series, the Vexter option offers silk screened artwork instead.

  • Two Year Warranty (upon registration)
  • Requires 9v battery or 9v DC adaptor center-negative (not included)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.70” x 2.38” x 1.82”


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