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ZVEX Vexter Fat Fuzz Factory

$175.20 $219.00

This variation features a three position mini toggle switch. Setting 1 is a standard Fuzz Factory, settings 2 and 3 introduce “low” and “lower” frequencies to manipulate, oscillate, and mutate as you like. The Fat Fuzz Factory sounds fantastic on both guitar and bass!

The Zvex Fat Fuzz Factory is the Zvex Fuzz Factory we all know and love, but with a few new and unique variations!

  • 3 position toggle switch- position 1 allows you to get that classic Fuzz Factory circuit, unchanged, position 2 allows for a low setting for more low end and a frequency change in oscillation, position 3 allows for a lower setting with even more low end and a bigger low frequency change in oscillation!

The Zvex Fuzz Factory is a fuzz pedal unlike anything you've heard. Ranging to anything from tight, extremely gated fuzzy sounds, to intermodulating oscillations that produce violin-like sustain, to shortwave radio sounds, lo-fi fuzz, to ripping velcro and octave-like fuzz, and plenty more! Vintage fuzz sounds can be achieved through this box of fun as well as crazy fuzz sounds that nothing else can produce!

Controls include:

  • Volume: Controls output level
  • Gate: Squelches noise after end of sustain. Turn to right to eliminate squeals, hiss and buzz, stopping just as they disappear, or use to tune in exact feedback pitch, if you’re that kind. Turning to left opens gate.
  • Comp: Adds attack characteristic when turned to left, which gets softer to right, and suddenly pinches tone when all the way right. Also use to tune in fat feedbacky fuzz, if you’re that kind. Lower the Stability and see what happens to this control.
  • Drive: Increases distortion when used as a “normal” fuzz, and adjusts feedback pitch and tonal thickness, if you’re that kind. This control becomes meaningless when Compress is all the way right. 
  • Stab: Use all the way right. Do not attempt to adjust this control below 2:00, unless you like your fuzz soft and squishy. Use to control feedback pitch.

Made in the U.S.A.

Pedal Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.70" x 2.38" x 1.82"

With identical parts to the handpainted series, the Vexter option offers silk screened artwork instead.

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