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Vintage 1969-1970 Evans Hybrid 300 Custom 1x15" Combo Amp


This Item is in Good Condition. The "E" on the Evans logo is missing. There are some stains on the grill, small dings and tears on the tolex, and some of the lettering on the control panel has worn off. 

An original Evans, one of the first ever made; this Evans Hybrid 300 is a solid state power amp, valve pre amp guitar amplifier with a spring reverb tank, and powerful clean sound. The headroom on this amp is truly phenomenal. This particular amp is serial number 5005, making it the 5th model made, it is said that the first ten of these amplifiers were owned by the Conway Twitty Band, and used by Twitty's lapsteel guitarist John Hughey. 

The valve preamp/reverb circuit versions of these amplifiers are rare and uncommon, as they soon transitioned into making amplifiers powered entirely by solid state transistors. Feel free to contact the current owner of Evans Custom Amplifiers, he can verify this is a rare and historic amplifier.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on this product.

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