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Vintage 1980 Mesa Boogie Mark II A 60w / 100w 1x12" Tube Combo 070821


This item is in Very Good Condition. There is some minor oxidation on some of the metal parts (corners, etc.) and minor wear to the tolex (scratches, scuffs, etc.) but everything is fully functional and structurally sound. Includes Rigg padded amp cover. 

The Mesa Mark II (now referred to as the Mark II A) was first released in late 1978. This particular one was built in April 1980.

The clean tones sparkle with definite clarity that brings out the best of your guitar, while the crunch and gain tones are sophisticated and articulate. The Mark II is capable of producing lovely tones at lower volumes but very powerful when needed, sporting four 6L6 power tubes and a 12 inch Altec Lansing 417-8C speaker. The reverb in this amp is subtle and shimmery with less dramatic splash you'd expect from a Fender amp. This amp is arguably the most simple and stripped back version from Mesa Boogie's Mark series and is a pro quality, vintage tone machine.

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