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Vintage 1982 Mesa Boogie 1x12" Mark II B Combo w/ Road Case - Black 091019

$999.99 $1,199.99

This item is in Very Good Condition.

There are some minor tears and scuffs in the tolex and oxidation on the metal corners. The included road case and original footswitch show some signs of age as well but nothing that compromises structural integrity or performance. 

Introduced in 1978, this version of the Mark II B has all the features of the original model with some slight refinements. The clean tones sparkle with definite clarity that brings out the best of your guitar, while the crunch and gain tones are sophisticated and articulate. The Mark II B is powerful with 60 watts of 6L6 tube driven power, and a 12 inch Black Shadow speaker from Celestian. The reverb in this amp is subtle and shimmery with less dramatic splash you'd expect from a Fender amp. This amp is arguably the most simple and stripped back version from Mesa Boogie's Mark series. The Mark II B is a hi fi, pro quality, vintage tone machine.

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