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Vintage 1980s MXR DynaComp Compressor Pedal 021120


This item is in Good condition.

MXR Pedals sit in legendary ranks within the world of guitar pedals. The sound, look, and enclosures of MXR have inspired the pedal world and set the stage for many iconic ground breaking manufacturers. This DynaComp comes from the Block Logo Era, which was introduced in 1977 and set the stage for the modern reissues, becoming the most common and popular versions of these pedals.

With a Script back plate this pedal is easy to date as an early transition version of this pedal from Script to Block Logo, this tells us this pedal was sold sometime between 1977 and 1979. The DynaComp is one of the great vintage compressor pedals, with a simple two knob layout this vintage pedal allows for quick and easy tone shaping, to get that squashed, compressed sound out of your guitar or bass. Keith Barr (co-founder of MXR) said  "we used what is called the 3080, an operational transconductance amplifier, and developed the Dynacomp around it. It didn't have the best signal-to-noise ratio, but it had a really nice attack characteristic, and I remember that Richard (Neatrou) and I experimented with just what the attack characteristic should be so it really gives you a good edge to a string pluck, and we had a real good time with it. I think if you ask Richard which box he feels closest to, he would say Dynacomp, and I would too."

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