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Vintage 1980s Boss DM-3 Delay Pedal 011021


This item is in Very Good condition. There are some minor chips in the paint throughout the enclosure and some oxidation on some of the screws and other metal parts. There is also an odd blemish on the back plate. It appears that a previous owner drilled a small hole through the enclosure and there is what appears to a melted or routed portion next to it in the plastic (see pictures), but there is no damage or modification visible to the circuit board. All blemishes are cosmetic and do not negatively affect the performance or structural integrity of the pedal. 

BOSS is one of the most popular and classic companies in the music industry. Their innovative pedals and sounds have had, and continue to have an extremely important impact on both vintage and modern music. BOSS pedals have been used by a variety of guitarists, stretching from guitar heroes such as Prince, to modern day innovators such as Kevin Parker of Tame Impala.

The DM-3 was the last analog delay that BOSS designed (aside from reproductions and the WAZA line). This has that warm, and nuanced sound you would expect from a vintage delay such as this one. This really is a fantastic delay pedal with a design that is as simple as it gets. 

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