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Vintage 1972 / 1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe w/ Case - Cherry Sunburst 011820


This item is in Very Good condition.

This guitar had a broken headstock in the past that has been professionally repaired at another luthier shop. The repair is strong and smooth to the touch. The original tuning machines have been replaced. There are some small dings on the body and neck and some buckle rash on the back body. The frets have some minor wear, but lots of life left. The finish appears to be original and has some fantastic checking on the body and neck. All electronics and pickups are original, as far as we can tell. The original toggle switch cover is missing- It has been replaced with a custom-built wood cover. Also included with purchase are matching custom-built wood pickguard and backplate, although the guitar is pictured with (and includes on body) the original pickguard and backplate as well. 

The Les Paul Deluxe is typically seen adorned with mini humbuckers or-on occasion-soapbar P90s, in this case we have these amazing, dynamic mini humbuckers-original to the guitar. Les Paul Deluxe models are made with a four piece "pancake" body comprised of two layers of Mahogany with a thin Maple layer in the middle and a carved Maple cap. The carved Maple cap adds a classic look to this guitar, and adds a bright top end to the instrument's voice, while the Mahogany keeps its even, mid range focused voice. Like most vintage Les Pauls, this guitar is heavy; weighing in at a whopping 10.5 pounds, you can rest assured your lead playing will scream with impressive sustain. 

According to all reputable sources, the serial number of the guitar indicates that it was built between 1970-1972. However, the date codes on the pots reveal that they were made in 1973. Therefore, we can assume one of two things: 1) The construction of the guitar began in 1972 and was completed in 1973 or 2) The pots were replaced early in the guitar's life (or simply with period-correct parts). 

Includes the original hard shell case. 

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