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Vintage 1970s Morley PVL Pro Panner / Volume Pedal 011021


This Item is in Very Good Condition. There are various scratches and scuff on the enclosure and some oxidation on some of the metal parts but overall, it is in great shape for a pedal of it's age. None of the blemishes negatively affect the performance or structural integrity of the pedal. 

This Morley pedal is a first for us here at Small Box Music, at this point it seems these Morley Pro Panners are uncommon if not rare. When used between two amps or two channels on a lets say a vintage Marshall (or something similar in functionality) this pedal could be used to great effect. A useful pedal for switching between amps, and doing those typical volume swells as well.

  • Made in USA 

Please feel free to contact us for more info on this item. 

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