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Vintage 1958 Fender Telecaster w/ Case


This Item is in Very Good Condition. Everything is fully functional and original, with the exception of the finish on the body, which was redone decades ago (in the 70's, we believe) and the black plastic switch tip. The original switch tip cracked, preventing it from staying in place on the switch, but it IS INCLUDED with the guitar. The finish on the neck has been untouched and displays some glorious checking and natural wear patterns. Includes original case. 

Some guitars are so iconic that they don't require an introduction. The Fender Telecaster is certainly one of those guitars. It's original design, simple, effective and pure, has been so sought-after since its introduction in the early 1950s that very little has changed over the years. It has been the preferred instrument of countless guitarists, both professional and hobbyist, covering all imaginable genres of music for almost three quarters of a century now. It goes without saying that a guitar that has maintained such a broad appeal for so long, without undergoing any major changes has something special going for it. 

The exceptional and rare specimen you are currently viewing is one of the earliest examples of this timeless classic. Built in 1958 in Fullerton, California (USA), this guitar is verified to be all original, with the exception of a refinished body and plastic switch tip. The penciled neck date reads, "10-58" (October 1958). The serial number stamped on the neckplate is "29974." which also dates to 1958. The pots have a period-correct code of "137 825" and untouched solder joints. All wiring, switches, caps, etc. are all original and do not appear to have ever been removed or otherwise molested from their original state. 

This ash-body, top-loading Tele began its life with a blonde finish, as evidenced by some original finish that remains under the pickguard / bridge area around the pickup routes in the body. The top-loading feature is one of the few things that has changed in the design of the Telecaster over the years, as most in existence feature the string-through-body design, making this one even more rare. While most players are more familiar with the string-through construction, many famous players, including Jim Campilongo prefer the top-loading design, describing it as "more responsive."

The original frets show some signs of wear but have many years of life left in them. 

This piece of history plays and sounds just like it should and is ready to make a lot more music. Who doesn't want to record their new single with a 1958 Fender Telecaster?

All instruments purchased from Small Box Music include a complete inspection and custom setup by our in-house luthier at no additional charge. 

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