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Used Vox AC15C1 15w 1x12" Tube Combo Amp 102319

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This product is in Very Good condition.

Defining the sounds of The Beatles, Queen, The Kinks, The Yardbirds and even The Rolling Stones, Vox Amplifiers are placed in a state of legendary proportions few companies can stand up to. Their legendary AC15 amplifier was born in 1958, setting the stage for the wave of experimental and exciting music that was to come in the 60s. Vox's ownership has changed hands over the years but eventually Korg would become the permanent owner of Vox in the 1990s. Besides their classic designs Vox has also stepped into the modern world with modelling amps that produced accurate simulations of their iconic sounds as well as famed amps by Fender, and Marshall. Vox contine to make unique amps, guitars and effects units to this day.

The AC15 was Vox's first amplifier and is credited with birthing a new sound into the world of guitar amplifiers. This brilliant and latest edition of the classic amplifier has two channels of all tube tone-the clean, and top boost channel. Footswitchable tube driven reverb and tremolo create lush soundscapes without the need for a pedalboard. The G12 Greenback speaker from Celestion seals the deal and marks this amplifier as an incredible sounding tone machine. 


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