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Used TC Electronic EchoBrain Analog Delay Pedal 021721


This Item is in Very Good Condition. The previous owner applied velcro to the back of the pedal.

In 1976, TC Electronic was founded in Denmark by Kim and John Rishoj. Both working musicians, their ears and ideas were well suited for a task as great as starting the TC Electronic company and specializing in pro audio gear. The first mark made by the company was by their Stereo-Chorus plus pedal. With extraordinary capabilities and versatility, this pedal became well known and is still sought after from 40 years ago! As the company expanded, they began making rack systems, effect processors, and other innovative professional audio gear. They even joined forces with other well known pro audio groups such as Lab Gruppen, Lake, Tannoy, and others to create the TC group. TC Electronic continues to create successful, innovative, and incredible gear to this day, pushing limits and sound!

The Echobrain delivers echoplex inspired delay sounds at an affordable price point. This is an all analog delay pedal in a metal chassis that can stand up to any working musician's tests. TC Electronic have designed a high quality analog delay pedal for an every day player's budget.

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