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Used Supro 1600 Supreme 25w 1x10" Tube Combo 052120


This Item is in Excellent Condition.

 Staying true to its vintage predecessor, (the Oahu/Valco 1959 1600 Supreme Amplifier) the Supro 1600 Supreme delivers classic tube tones with improvements. The Supro 1600 Supreme features 25 watts of tube power, a single BD12 Black Magick 10 inch speaker, 6V6 power tubes, two inputs and parallel gain stages in the tone knob allowing for more gain and versatility.

This amp is a tribute to Keith Richards and is sure to bring you those memorable sounds heard on countless Rolling Stones records. However, additionally, this amp can bring you tones ranging from clean, warm jazz, to twangy, crunchy rock. This amp is also a perfect pedal platform amp with a low noise floor and extremely touch sensitive dynamics.

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