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Used Roger Mayer Rocket FX Octavia Autograph Model Fuzz Pedal 063021


This Item is in Very Good Condition.

Studio-Engineer and Effect-Designer Icon, Roger Mayer, has produced some of the most sought after and groundbreaking sounds from your favorite records - working with legends such as with Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, The Who, and many more. 

This pedal, invented by Roger Mayer initially, known as the "octavia" is a fuzz pedal that is able to take your signal and create unique harmonics and overtones in it to create a higher "octave" effect, highly sensitive to where you play on the fretboard, your pickups, amp, pedals paired with it, and overall style/use of the effect.

This effect has most notably been used in the "Purple Haze" guitar solo by Jimi Hendrix and shines when paired with single coils, a slightly broken up amp, and a fuzz face cranked, with single note lead lines around the 12-15th frets! Though on its own, it is still able to create unique and useable sounds, perfect for heavy riffing or soaring leads!

This pedal has been autographed by Roger Mayer himself, hand-built in the UK.

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