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Used Orange Rocker 32 Stereo 2x10 30w Tube Combo 090521


This product is in Excellent condition

Orange was founded in 1968 by Cliff Cooper; a musician and electronics designer. In the late 60s Cliff ran a studio in London, when he was struggling to pay overhead he decided to begin selling musical equipment to help pay the bills. When Cliff first opened doors, he couldn't get any brands to send him any new equipment to sell-so being the creative mind that he is, Cliff decided to build his own amplifiers. In late 1968 Fleetwood Mac became the first band to play Orange amps. In 1970 Orange was given huge exposure on German television when the popular program Beat Club decided to use their amplifiers as a backline. During their run with Beat Club, legendary acts such as Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, and many more were all seen using Orange Amps. Since those early experimental years, Orange has continued to innovate, and supply amazing artists with a unique and incredible sound. Cliff Cooper's amplifiers are played by artists spanning nearly every genre, with players and retailers across the entire world.


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