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Used Max Butler 65 Handwired Tube Head Amp 071721


This Item is in Good Condition. There is some visible wear to the tolex, oxidation on the metal corners, and a previous owner painted the name(s) "Tim Vargo" and "J.R." on the bottom of the head, which isn't visible unless you are looking at the bottom of the amp (see pics). The logo plate is missing from the front of the amp. Its a little rough on the eyes, but everything is functional. 

Max Butler's amps have developed a bit of a cult following. They are very desirable among those familiar with his designs and have become very hard to find. Max built handwired point-to-point guitar amps in his modest workshop in Eaton Rapids, MI (USA) for over 32 years. He was still building custom amps nearly up until he passed away in late 2014 at age 80. This means that he had been doing this work since before boutique or vintage amps were even a thing. His one-man operation was able to produce about 400 amps in total and there will never be any more made. Max mostly built custom amps to order for local and regional players, but also for a handful of famous guitar players, including CC Deville of Poison. All of his amps were made to the specs of the individual player and "tuned by ear."

This particular one is a Butler 65 and sports two 6550 power tubes along with 12AX7 preamp tubes. It is a two channel, footswitchable amp. There is not a footswitch included, but any single button latching switch will do the job. It includes two speaker outputs, selectable between 4, 8, and 16 ohms and an effects loop with variable preamp out control. 

Four of the controls on the front panel of the amp utilize push-pull pots which allow for bright on/off, boost (which is also footswitchable), and mid-shift. Each channel has two volume controls (pre and master volume). The two channels share EQ controls (bass, mid, treble) and a presence knob. 

This thing is a fire breather!

Please feel free to contact us for more information on this item. 

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