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Used Marshall DSL40CR 1x12" 40w Tube Combo - White 062921


This Item is in Very Good Condition. There is some damage to the tolex (see pics). 

In 1962, Jim Marshall opened up a music store in Hanwell, London. In the years following, Jim encountered many famous musicians such as Pete Townshend, Richtie Blackmore, and others, who pushed him to make amplifiers. After these numerous demands, Jim and a few other colleges set out to make unique, innovative alternatives to American-style amplifiers. After some trials and prototypes, the Marshall sound was born, and its legacy soon followed.

Marshall's first big success was making the "JTM 45", a high gain, celestion speaker-driven, closed back, power-house amplifier. This amp was used by greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Pete Townshend, among many other famous artists. Following this success, Marshall made many other models and expanded as a company. They arguably defined the classic grit of rock music since their innovative amps shook the world. They continue to produce high quality amplifiers, as well as a variety of styles and models which are used by many modern musicians globally.

The DSL series are incredible amplifiers at real world price points, with a tone, head room, and volume that is unmistakably Marshall. This tube-powered combo has two gain channels, each with two different sounds, resulting in four different possible tones. Ranging from sparkling clean to searing lead tones; the DSL40 gets its sound from a pair of EL34s in the power amp and six 12AX7s in the preamp. The built in digital reverb and effects loop allow you to sculpt your tone even further, all the while keeping your sound clean and simple. This particular one sports the limited edition white tolex. 

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