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Used Kustom 12 Gauge 16w 1x12" Guitar Combo 060321


This Item is in Very Good Condition.

The Kustom 12 Gauge is a great choice for a practice amp and has features that can allow it to be useful for home or studio recording as well as on the stage.

You might be surprised by the amount of volume this 16w amp can push through its single 12 inch speaker - and it can get even louder by utilizing it speaker output and hooking it up to an external speaker cabinet! The line out can be useful when going direct into a recording console or live sound board. It also can be used for silent practice with its built-in headphone jack. Another good practice tool is the CD/Aux Input that allows you to play along with your favorite songs or practice tracks from an external source. 

The Kustom 12 Gauge produces a wide array of tones with its two channel design (clean and distortion), built-in delay and reverb effects, and 3 band EQ. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information on this product. 

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