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Used Jay Turser Violin Bass - Sunburst 122219


This Item is in Very Good Condition. 

There is a small chip in the finish on the back of the neck and a very small ding on the back of the body. The pickguard is missing. 

Jay Turser make a phenomenal, fun to play bass for an easy to access price-this Violin Bass is no exception. When you pick this bass up and start playing iconic Beatles bass lines such as Taxman, Rain, and Paperback Writer you instantly started filling the shoes of Mccartney-it just has that sound. The neck is slim, and comfortable, and with its semi-hollow construction the sound it projects is airy, clear, and very responsive. The Jay Turser Violin Bass has become an industry standard for achieving The Beatles' sound at a more accessible price point than most Hofners. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information on this item. 

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