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Used Epiphone G-400 SG Electric Guitar w/ Case - Worn Matte Brown Finish 011620


This guitar is in Excellent condition.

Epiphone, a legendary guitar manufacturer in their own right, trace their roots back to Greece in 1873. They were acquired by Gibson in 1957. Since then, they have produced many more affordable versions of Gibson designs including the Les Paul and SG as well as original Epiphone models.

This Korean made SG was built in 2003, and has somehow remained in excellent condition with little to no wear or blemishes present. The SG was introduced by Gibson in 1961 as a new signature model for Les Paul. When introduced to Les Paul, he found that he much preferred his original model, and since the SG has not beared his name. The SG is Gibson's best selling model of all time, and the Epiphone versions stand up to the Gibson originals with authority and surprising quality. The G-400 has an all Mahogany construction, with a thin, remarkably lightweight body that pairs with a worn satin finish for a smooth, comfortable feel. The pickups have a vintage voicing, with a sparkly treble voice and a smooth, well controlled bass end. Overall, this guitar is quite straightforward-its sound is incredible for the price, the playability is comfortable, and the simplistic design makes for a great platform for modification or quite simply a great go to guitar that delivers on classic sounds. 

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