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Used Electro Harmonix Battalion Bass Preamp + DI Pedal 010321


This Item is in Excellent Condition.

Electro-Harmonix was founded by Mike Matthews in 1968. EHX specialized in selling tubes, and high end electronic processors, and for a short time even made their own guitars, although their most famous products are their effects pedals. When EHX released their innovative pedals in the 60s and 70s, their impact shook the stage and ears of musicians and music lovers alike. With now classic pedals such as their Memory Man Delay, Electric Mistress flanger, and perhaps their most famous Big Muff fuzz/distortion pedal, EHX has become a staple in the effect pedal market. 

This DI unit is a bass player's best friend, great when used for live performance, recording, or just practicing/playing at home. The comprehensive EQ controls on the Battalion make shaping your sound effortless, add in the built in compression to give yourself an extra squish with added sustain. The Battalion's built in Distortion circuit is really a highlight of the pedal, with various tone shaping controls and the ability to place the drive before, after, or without the EQ you can rest assured you will get a fantastic sound. With both 1/4 inch and XLR outputs, the Battalion is easy to run straight to a PA speaker, into an amplifier, or right into your mixer or interface.

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