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Used Carvin X100B 100w Tube Head Amp 100619


This item is in Good condition.

Made in the U.S.A.

In San Diego, starting as the L.C. Kiesel Company in 1946 by Lowell C Kiesel, Carvin company began producing guitar pickups. As this company grew, it was renamed "Carvin"- inspired by the founders' two sons. From 1950 to the 70s, Carvin produced different types of guitars and amps for other well-known instrument manufacturers. In the late 70s, Carvin starting producing their own lines, ranging from recording to guitars and amps. Carvin's craftsmanship has attracted the likes of metal guitar saviors such as Jason Becker and Marty Friedman, along with many other talents in various genres. 

The X100B 100 Watt head is a powerful high gain amplifier, with tones both vintage and modern. Searing high gains and punchy crisp cleans project out of this 100 Watt amplifier-which can be reduced to 50% or 25% power for more usable volume levels. You can sculpt your sound for hours with the built in graphic EQ or simply set it and forget it leaving the tonal shaping to the Treble, Middle, and Bass knobs. With a tube driven spring reverb tank, this amp hits all the marks for a gigging musician in need of versatility. 

"The Carvin X100B amp is a real workhorse. It delivers pleasantly smooth yet punchy clean tones, old school tube crunch rhythm sounds and richly detailed lead tones. I used one exclusively on my very first album. I asked nicely to borrow it from my Dad. If he was using them on stage they had to be good. Try one for yourself, they are quite user friendly!" 

- Dweezil Zappa 

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