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Used Amplified Music Products AMP Lead Amplifier Model 312 1x12" Guitar Combo 031220

$349.99 $429.99

This Item is in Very Good Condition.

Amplified Music Products corporation was founded in 1981 in Chatsworth, California by Russ Allee and Steve Rabe, to former employees of Acoustic Control Corporation. Rabe went on to start SWR Engineering. Allee later went on to help form the Eden World Tour series of bass amplifiers. A.M.P. products were built in the U.S.A. for a short time and have gained a cult-like following due their rarity and high quality construction. 

Not many of these amplifiers exist because this is one of the few that were ever built. It is in very  good condition with minimal signs of cosmetic wear and is fully functional.

The 312 model is a versatile combo amp great for gigging in small clubs or practicing at home. The amplifier features Bass, Midrange, and Treble EQ control knobs, optimal overdrive and reverb (spring tank)  switches with the ability to be controlled by a foot switch (foot switch not included). The 312 also has 1/4" headphone jack for those bedroom practices, keeping noise levels to a minimal, bypassing the 12" Hartke speaker. The Lead 312 is a fantastic sounding rarity, finding one of these amps again will be few and far between.

This amplifier is good for jazz and blues musicians and is a fantastic pedal platformer! This amp has sparkling cleans and a robust low end. 

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