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Used 1993 Fender American Telecaster Plus w/ Case - Sunburst 030620


This instrument is in Very Good condition.

There are some chips and dings on the finish - mostly on the edges of the body. There also some minor scratches, but no major buckle rash. Mild to moderate fretwear on the first few frets. None of these blemishes affect the structural integrity or performance of this guitar. See pictures for detail. 

Equipped with Lace Sensor pickups, and TBX a tone control, this Telecaster Plus has a modern, dynamic tonality that helps it stand out among other more traditional versions of this iconic Fender model. In the 90s the Plus models were the top of the line for Fender's American made guitars, just below the Custom Shop. Used exclusively by Fender from 1987 to 1996, Lace Sensor pickups defined the sound of Fender guitars in the 90s. The main difference between Lace Sensor pickups and traditional single coils is that they are designed to reduce "60s cycle hum" and other noise interference. The metal barriers around the pickup concentrate the magnetic field, allowing for the use of weaker magnets, reducing string pull and increasing sustain. The TBX tone control on board lets you decrease bass in one direction, and treble in the other, this allows a more versatile tone shaping than a traditional tone pot. With a coil split attached to the bridge humbucker, this Tele plays rock as well as it does country, with a comfortable neck and action that allows for quick playing in any genre. This guitar is in good playing condition and comes complete with its original hardshell case. 

Notable users of the Telecaster Plus include:

  • Dave Davies of The Kinks
  • Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead
  • Gaz Coombes of Supergrass
  • Michael Houser of Widespread Panic
  • Ron Hawkins of The Lowest of the Low
  • Eric Greenberg of Footstone
  • Steve Hood of Jaded Soul


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