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Tone-Gard DecoGard for Mandolin

Tone-Gard DecoGard for Mandolin


The Tone-Gard™ is designed to isolate the back of a mandolin or other stringed instrument from the player's body, producing more volume and enhancing the tone.

To test this concept without a Tone-Gard, you can do the following:

  1. Play your instrument normally, while facing a wall about a foot or two away, allowing the sound to bounce back directly so you can hear how your instrument projects.
  2. After you are used to the sound, hold your instrument by the neck so that the back of the instrument is a couple of inches away from your body. Now try playing some chop chords.
  3. Go back and forth, against and away from your body, and you will notice a difference. You will hear a difference just hitting one chop and letting it ring while holding against you, then away. 

Another added benefit of the Tone-Gard is protecting the back of your instrument from wear, dings, and scratches. 

The DecoGard fits most mandolins that are based on the classic Gibson carved-back mandolins, such as the F5 and A5. It measures approximately 9-7/8″ across the back (+/- 1/16″). Most independent luthiers’ designs are based upon those body dimensions, including Gilchrist, Stiver, Givens, Summit, Lewis, Woods, and many Japanese and Korean mandolins.
It is recommended that you leave the Tone-Gard on your instrument all the time. It will fit in most cases while installed on your instrument. 
  • Made in the USA