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Rare Buzz Effects Piccolo Falsetto Overdrive Pedal

Rare Buzz Effects Piccolo Falsetto Overdrive Pedal


The Piccolo Falsetto is a completely hand-built multi-stage hybrid germanium overdrive pedal. It features a MOSFET buffer/boost, a passive pickup simulator, and a germanium gain stage. It is buffered both at the input and output, allowing it to be placed anywhere on your pedal chain, and utilizes military grade resistors and hand selected surplus parts. 

Made in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

External Controls:

  • Tone: Designed like the tone control on a guitar, allowing you to fine tune the overall tone of the pedal. 
  • Sustain: Determines the amount of signal that passes into the core boost stage. 
  • Voice Switch: "Pickup Simulator"
    • Down = Single Coil
    • Up = Humbucker
  • Boost: Controls the volume of the germanium boost stage and indirectly acts as the final volume. 
  • Filter: Select from four filter settings
    • Position 1 (far left): Full Band
    • Position 2: Low-Mid through Treble
    • Position 3: Mid and Treble
    • Position 4: Treble
Internal Controls:
  • Pressure: Allows you to change the input stage from a simple buffer (counter-clockwise) to a boost (clockwise). 
  • Bias: Establishes the bias point on the germanium transistor. This is set during assembly and should not need to be adjusted during regular use. 


    • Dimensions: 2.6″ x 5″ x 2.3″
    • Power: 9V; 2.1mm DC Jack
    • Consumption: < 100mA

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