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Rare Buzz Effects Cranberry Drive Overdrive Pedal

Rare Buzz Effects Cranberry Drive Overdrive Pedal


The Cranberry Drive, a complete redesign of the original Cranberry, is a neutral drive that offers players everything from a clean boost to a subtle, bluesy clip. It stacks well with other pedals, both before and after. Sounds great on both guitar and bass.

Made in Columbus, Ohio, USA.


  • Sauce: The Sauce knob controls the first gain stage and is responsible for the bulk of the Cranberry flavor. Asymmetrical hard clipping is most pronounced when the Sauce moves past 1 o’clock.
  • Tart: The Tart knob boosts treble. Find the best setting to cut through the rest of the band.
  • Level: The Level knob is the final volume control.


  • Top-Mounted Lumburg 1/4″ KLBM 3 Audio Jacks
  • Low-Profile 2.1mm Lumberg DC Power Jack, Negative Center
  • Standard 3PDT Stomp Switching


  • 125B Footprint: 2.61″ x 4.78″ x 1.4″

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