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Peavey 6505 Plus 60w 1x12 Tube Combo

Peavey 6505 Plus 60w 1x12 Tube Combo


Peavey's 6505 has been an iconic high gain amplifier for years, played by artists such as Trivium, Machine Head, Bullet For My Valentine and countless other influential artists. For the first time ever this searing, high octane amplifier is available in a 60 watt, 1x12 combo configuration. The new 6505 Plus 112 combo harnesses the power and instantly recognizable tone of the Peavey 6505 Series into a format that is equally suited to clubs, rehearsal rooms and studios. Five 12AX7 preamp tubes and a pair of mighty 6L6GC power-amp tubes provide the tonal skeleton of the 6505 Plus 112 combo, while patented circuitry such as Peavey's Resonance control allow for detailed sculpting of the amp's signature tone.

Independent 3 band EQ controls for each channel allow for easy switching between distinctive tones. Pre/post gain controls and Presence and Resonance adjustments that create easy balancing of your gain stages and more specific frequencies. The Rhythm channel also includes a footswitchable Crunch boost.


The 6505 Plus 112 combo features the Peavey MSDI™ microphone-simulated direct interface, which makes for easy direct out recording with a high fidelity sound quality. Additional features include real spring reverb, effects loop and external speaker outputs, and a 12" Sheffield speaker in a sealed-back cabinet.

60 watts (RMS)
Footswitchable lead/rhythm channel select
Effects loop
Separate 3-band EQ on each channel
Separate Resonance and Presence controls for each channel
Two 6L6GC power amp tubes
Lead channel: pre-/post-gain controls
Genuine 3-spring reverb
Top handle
Five 12AX7 preamp tubes
External speaker outputs
16, 8, or 4 ohms (switchable)
Rhythm channel: pre-/post-gain, footswitchable Crunch boost
Integrated MSDI™ microphone-simulated XLR direct interface
Footswitch Peavey part number 03022920 (sold separately)
One 12" Sheffield® speaker
Weight Unpacked: 61.29 lb(27.8 kg)
Weight Packed: 71.96 lb(32.64 kg)
Width Packed: 26.97"(68.5038 cm)
Height Packed: 30.44"(77.3176 cm)
Depth Packed: 16.26"(41.3004 cm)


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