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Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica - Key of Eb (E Flat)


Lee Oskar built a name for himself as the harmonica player for legendary jazz/funk group WAR. While touring and recording with WAR Lee became frustrated by the quality of harmonicas available to him at the time. It wasn't until his discovery and partnership with Japanese manufacturer Tombo in the 80s that Lee Oskar Harmonicas was born. Together they had musical knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and a vision for a high quality and hard working instrument. Today, Lee Oskar Harmonicas are regarded for their quality in sound, build, and reliability.

This is a major diatonic harmonica, in the key of Eb (E flat). It should serve you well for many years, and if the reed is ever in need of replacement, Lee Oskar has got you covered with replacement reeds fitted specifically for your harmonica. Complete with a compact carrying case (pictured below) and a quick guide for use and applications. A great choice for beginners and professionals alike!

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