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Lace Sensor Dually Red-Red Humbucker


Lace Sensor Duallys are world-famous pickups that have been in production since 1985 and were used exclusively by Fender until 1996.

Use the Duallys in full humbucker (series) mode, or switch them to split mode, series or parallel - these are hum-reduced pickups with VERY low noise!

The Red-Red is designed to be a bridge pickup. It has lots of push and a thick, organic-sounding lead tone. They are similar in sound to Distortion-type pickups, but without the overwhelming neck-to-bridge volume jump. 

The Red-Red Duallys give an overall Hot and Heavy, Fat Humbucker tone. Ideal for hard rock, metal, prog, fusion and similar styles. This is the hottest pickup that Lace makes!

Made in the USA.


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