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L.R. Baggs Stadium DI

L.R. Baggs Stadium DI

$219.99 $249.00

Sporting a similar look and layout to the LR Baggs Session DI, the Stadium DI is a studio-grade preamp for bass players. And just like the Session, it does not disappoint.

The Stadium DI was originally designed by engineers at LR Baggs for their own personal use. Apparently they were so pleased with it, they decided to share it with the rest of the world. And we are glad they did. Equally impressive on the stage and in the studio, this pedal will help you find the sound you've been searching for. Bass players rejoice!


  • Compression EQ - Frequency based "touch sensitive" compression that responds in real time to the dynamics of your playing. 
  • Growl - Unlike a standard overdrive, that distorts all frequencies of the signal, the Growl will saturate only the lower frequencies, giving you a pleasing overdrive without losing the clarity and definition of the higher frequencies, which remain clean. 
  • Drive - Pressing this button will increase the Growl's frequency range to a full overdrive, affecting the full signal. 
  • Attack - An EQ control that affects a unique, medium-sized bandwidth to adjust the attack of the strings. It can be used to add clarity to a dark sound or reduce unwanted brightness. 
  • Fat - Three way switch that allows you to boost 150Hz for a full, round response without getting muddy. Allows for +0dB (no boost), +3dB, or +6dB boost. 
  • Ground Lift - Eliminates noise from ground-loop problems.
  • Engage - Footswitch that bypasses or engages the tone shaping tools. 
  • Two Outputs - 1/4" and XLR outs for different applications.
  • Comes With Protective Carrying Case
  • Limited One Year Warranty

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