JHS PackRat Distortion Pedal

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In 1978, the most versatile and influential distortion pedal of all time was invented in Kalamazoo, MI: the Proco RAT. Scott Burnham and Steve Kiraly first had the idea after playing, repairing and modifying all the available distortion pedals on the market. They wanted something that didn’t exist in the mainstream product lines like MXR, DOD and BOSS. They wanted a pedal that could go from overdrive to distortion and then all the way to fuzz. By 1979 Scott had perfected the circuit in his RAT-infested basement workshop, and the rest is history.

The PackRat is the ultimate tribute to the 40+ years of rodent evolution and its impact on the guitar’s sound. Artists from every genre have used the iconic tones in this unassuming black box to create their sounds, including Nirvana, John Scofield, Pink Floyd, Metallica, REM, the Eagles, Jeff Beck and Radiohead.

The PackRatModes:

  1. The OG (1979-83)
  2. White Face V3 (1984-1986)
  3. Turbo V6 (1989)
  4. BRAT (1997)
  5. Dirty (2004)
  6. LA (1986)
  7. Landgraff MO’D (1999)
  8. Caroline (2010)
  9. JHS Mode

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