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JHS Mod Shop Boss DS-1 Synth Drive Deluxe Pedal

JHS Mod Shop Boss DS-1 Synth Drive Deluxe Pedal

The JHS Pedals DS-1 Synth Deluxe mod is the end-all-be-all DS-1 mod, with more options and better tone than you ever thought possible from this little orange box that takes up space in closets all over the world.

Featuring upgrades to many of the key components and a three-way gain switch to choose between “Crunch," “Boost," and “High Gain” modes. The Synth Drive Deluxe is taken it into uncharted territory with three switches on the side that activate different “synth” modes, producing wild tones of fuzz, lo-fi overdrive, synth droning, octave distortion, ring modulation, and more! When any one of the switches on the left or right side of the DS-1 are engaged, just turn the drive knob up past 12 o’clock and start experimenting. The placement of the tone and volume knobs are switched so the pedal has a more traditional layout. An additional LED has been added that lights up based on how you’re using the Synth Deluxe.

Find tones you never dreamed of in this classic Boss pedal with the Synth Deluxe mod!

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