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JHS Bonsai 9-Way Screamer Overdrive Pedal

JHS Bonsai 9-Way Screamer Overdrive Pedal


The Bonsai from JHS encapsulates nine different Tube Screamer pedals into one powerful unit. These nine voices are not models or emulations, they are made from the same components as the original pedals-creating an authentic and thrilling sound with the characteristic nuance and distinction of each pedal. Classic Screamers live within this pedal such as the 808, and TS10, with unique versions like Keeley's version and JHS's own spin on that signature mid pushed sound. 

Nine overdrives within one genius JHS pedal:

  • OD1 (1977) A bright, high gain mode that doesn't utilize the Tone knob
  • TS808 (1979) The original TS sound with low, gritty gain and a pronounced mid range
  • TS9 (1982) Made famous by SRV with a bright, responsive sound
  • MSL (1985) The "metal" version produces a higher-gain sound with more bass
  • TS10 (1986) A low gain, transparent Screamer, version made popular by John Mayer
  • XR (1989) Duplicates the Polish-made EXAR OD1, known for its unique breakup and higher gain
  • TS7 (1999) A later version of the classic overdrive with a "hot mode" that yields more gain and low-end distortion
  • Keeley (2002) Robert Keeley’s classic Mod+ (a modified TS9) that tightens up your tone and gives you a quieter signal, along with smoother mids and highs and increased bass
  • JHS (2008) JHS's "Strong Mod" that gives you a cleaner sound with increased headroom

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