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Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Special H - Charcoal Sparkle with Ebony Fingerboard


The now iconic Music Man StingRay bass guitar made a name for itself when it was first introduced in the 1970's. The StingRay was the first bass guitar on the market to feature active electronics and together, with its single massive humbucker placed in the the sweet spot, bass players across all genres of music have come to rely on its signature punchy sound for decades. Retaining all of the appointments that made the instrument a classic, Ernie Ball Music Man has updated the StingRay bass with new features to provide its players with comfort and more versatility. 

The StingRay's electronic package now features a re-voiced 18 volt preamp to insure more headroom than before and the new neodymium pickup delivers the loud punchy tone with plenty of bottom end that only the StingRay can provide.

The premium roasted maple neck provides constant reliability and support regardless of humidity and temperature changes and the ebony fingerboard delivers warm tone and snappy high end. The neck is finished with Ernie Ball's oil and wax blend which makes for a comfortable touch right from the beginning.  Find out why musicians the world over choose and rely upon Ernie Ball Music Man every day. 

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