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Electro Harmonix Memory Toy Analog Echo / Chorus Pedal

Electro Harmonix Memory Toy Analog Echo / Chorus Pedal


If you're in search for an easy to use analog delay with loads of character, and durable construction look no further. The Memory Toy sounds fantastic, with applications in both vintage and modern tonality. The three knobs on this analog delay are very intuitive and easy to use. The Delay knob will adjust the delay time, sweeping it while playing creates that analog oscillation that pedal geeks have come to love. The Blend knob controls the amount of delayed signal in your mix, while the Feedback control adjusts the number of repeats, cranking this all the way up also creates unique sounding oscillation. The Mod switch engages a detuning, warbly modulation that creates a psychedelic, atmospheric effect.

Quick Specs
  • True Bypass
  • All analog delay with Feedback
  • Up to 550ms delay time
  • Modulation switch
  • Dimensions in inches: 2.75 (w) x 4.5 (l) x 2.1 (h)
  • Dimensions in mm: 70 (w) x 115 (l) x 54 (h)


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