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Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Cry Baby Wah Pedal


Want to look like Slash?

  • Grow your hair long and get a top hat. 

Want to play like Slash?

  • Practice.

Want to SOUND like Slash?

  • Get the Dunlop SW95 Slash Wah Pedal, and you're well on your way. 

This pedal features not only a Fasel-loaded classic wah circuit, but also a searing high gain distortion that produces an instant lead tone that cuts through the mix and lets your guitar sing with a sweet, lush top end. Separate LEDs let you know if your distortion and/or wah is on or off. Use one at a time, both simultaneously, or neither. The battery compartment is easily accessible and located on the top of the pedal, so there is no need to look for a screwdriver when it's time to change batteries. 

Requires two 9v batteries OR a Dunlop ECB004 AC Adapter (not included).

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