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Danelectro Billionaire BB-1 Billion Dollar Boost Pedal


The new Danelectro Billionaire line of pedals is making waves and getting rave reviews from some of the top players and critics in the industry. As soon as you plug into one, you will find out why. 

Danelectro Billionaire pedals have a look and feel like nothing else on the market right now, with upgraded features we have not seen on other Danelectro pedals. Durability, sound quality, and visual appeal have been greatly improved upon from previous offerings. 

  • Die Cast Enclosure
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Hand-Sprayed "Classic Car Finish"
The BB-1 Billion Dollar Boost is the secret weapon of some "A-List" Brit and Irish rockers. It is a remarkable recreation of a certain, rare 1980s "hidden gem." It provides stellar a boost of all frequencies - you decide if its a clean or crunchy boost.


    • Volume: Controls the amount of boost. Setting this control past the "12 o'clock" position will provide an overdriven boost. Below this mark will be a clean boost. 
    • Treble: Applies boost or cut to high frequencies. "12 o'clock" is flat (no cut or boost).
    • Bass: Adjusts low frequencies based on the position of the "Flat/Low Cut" switch.
    • Flat / Low Cut: Toggle switch that determines how the "Bass" control affects low frequencies. When in the "Flat" position, the "Bass" control works in the same manner as the "Treble" control. When in the "Low Cut" position, the "Bass" control only cuts low frequencies. Max cut is all the way to the left. No cut is all the way to the right. 


    • 4 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1 3/4"
    • 8.8 oz. 

    Includes carrying case and owner's manual with in-depth instructions on how to use the controls and twelve "suggested sound settings" as examples and warranty information.

    Requires 9v DC external power supply with a negative center (not included). We recommend the Snark SA-1 9v Power Supply or Danelectro Battery Billionaire. Danelectro Billionaire pedals can NOT be powered with a 9v battery.


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