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Bartolini 3AV Soundhole Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Bartolini's legendary 3AV Hum-Killer Acoustic Guitar Soundhole pickup provides an incredibly natural sounding acoustic voice—bright and clear with B-string compensation* and a 10 foot cable. It now features a new, easy to install, clean look mounting bracket. It is designed to be installed on the bridge side of a 3-1/2” to 4-1/2” soundhole for the best tonal response.


*The B-string is typically has more metal mass than the high E-string and the solid cores of the wound strings. For that reason, the pickup compensates the B-string to ensure even output of all 6 strings.

Acoustic Guitar


Pickup Shape

Soundhole Mount


Soundhole Mount

Coil Type

Stacked Coil

Tone Description

Bright, clear hum-canceller (stacked coil) with B-string compensation


The adjustable brackets fit most soundholes from 3 7/8 inches and larger.


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