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Arion MDI-2 Bass Distortion Pedal


Arion pedals are easily recognized by their distinct 80s retro look and vibe.

The Arion MDI-2 Bass Distortion pedal allows you to achieve dirty-sweet distortion without sacrificing the natural booming bass sound. You can do this by separately controlling the amount of direct and distorted signal sent to the output, blending a unique combination of the two to fit your taste.


  • Direct Level: Amount (volume) of Direct (clean) signal sent to the output
  • Dist Level: Amount (volume) of Distortion signal sent to the output
  • Tone: EQ Control
  • Dist: Amount of Gain (distortion) applied to the Distortion signal

Can be powered by either 9v battery (included) or 9v adaptor (not included).

Designed in Japan. Made in Sri Lanka.

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