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Anasounds Utopia Tape Echo Pedal


The Anasounds Utopia is an analog tape echo with a modulation switch. It delivers a warm, vintage tone that will magnify your sound from atmospheric soundscapes to intense driving solos. The available controls make it a very versatile pedal, allowing you to create a whole new world of time-based sounds. 

Like all Anasounds pedals, it is handmade in France and features a laser engraved mahogany veneer set on a die cast aluminum enclosure. To say it is visually stunning is an understatement. 

External Controls:

  • MIX - Blends the delay effect with the clean input signal. Can be set between 0% - 100% (no echo - only echo).
  • RPT - This sets the number of times the echo repeats. Set for one repeat, never-ending repeat, or anywhere in between. 
  • DLY - Controls the amount of time between each repeat. Range between 0 and 600ms (with internal control) to allow for a quick slapback, or a longer delay. 
  • MOD - Switch to activate the modulation. 

Internal Controls:

  • Tone - Filters the repetitions to modify their tone. 
  • Rate - Controls the modulation speed (from a slow mod to a short vibrato).
  • Depth - Controls the depth of the modulation
  • More - Switch that changes the max delay time between 400ms and 600ms. 
  • LIGHT: Controls the brightness of the LED when the pedal is on. It is not recommended to keep at 100%.


  • Power Consumption: 34mA
  • Input Impedance: 185 kΩ
  • Output Impedance: 260 Ω
  • Power Supply: 9v DC, Negative Polarity
  • True Bypass


  • 118x64x59mm
  • 290g

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